Smoothie Liquids

Something I’ve not come to a final conclusion on over the course of the last week is which liquids are the best to use.  This is partly due to the lack of time & I’ll continue to experiment.

I started off with a few thoughts:-

Focus on a few specifics, consider other alternatives on another day

There are a load of options out there, it would be impossible to try them all, consequently I didn’t get around to buying any green tea or making any coffee based options.  I’ve tried to keep this r relatively focused but clearly there is scope in the future for more experimenting

…I also elected to ignore water based smoothies this time around

Compare different types of ‘liquids’

Almond Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Milk and Yoghurt were all on the menu although I haven’t get around to the last 2 just yet.  Almond milk has become the ‘go to’ option – it seems to work with just about everything.  I thought the coconut water would add something a bit more tropical but the flavour doesn’t really punch through and it is really quite expensive.  I’m sorry not to have tried the yoghurt yet – that will be next on the list as it adds extra fats and thickness so I’m keen to see the impacts there

Compare different qualities of liquid

I tried 2 different types of Almond Milk – Alpro & Plenish.  Very similar on the face of it, but look a bit closer and the Alpro version is clearly a milk replacement with added calcium and a lower proportion of almond (2%).  Flavourwise this is a thin, neutral white liquid.  Slightly cheaper at the normal retail cost, this was heavily reduced at the time and I get the impression that the reduction is the norm.  Plenish, on the other hand has 6% Almond and you can tell – a nutty colour and distinct almond flavour makes it quite a different animal.  Another bonus is the really long shelf life and no requirement to keep it refrigerated until it’s been opened.  It’s more expensive and taking the Alpro reductions into account you’re paying more than twice as much.  I have to say I prefer the Planish by far, even with the extra cost, but considering what I’ll be mixing with it could I really tell the difference?  The jury’s still out on this one.  With the long shelf life I will stock up if and when its on sale though…


Let’s face it, compared with the other flavours involved these are all quite neutral so I’m not sure there really is a right or wrong answer here.  What comes into play is availability, shelf life and cost.  Pick what works best 🙂


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