My Second Smoothie – Spicy Beetroot & Orange

OK, so 2 in one day is a bit over the top but I’ve still got some experimenting to do and wanted to try something very different to the breakfast smoothie this morning

I’ve spent the afternoon prepping the fruit & veg from the shopping and took the opportunity to harvest some the remaining beetroot.  I’ve been looking for interesting beetroot recipes for weeks and now I’ve got another avenue to pursue.

I’m really looking forward to this one, I love the simplicity, I’m expecting bright colours, an earthy citrus flavour and a kick of spice without the same degree of bulk as before…

Spicy Beetroot & Orange

  • 2 Oranges, peeled, pith & pips removed
  • 100 g Beetroot (1 small-medium beetroot), peeled
  • 1/2  inch chunk of Root Ginger
  • 250ml Coconut Water

Throw everything together & blitz

After about 45 seconds there seemed to be an even consistency so I served up a glass.  Unlike this morning the blend wasn’t nearly smooth enough so it went back for another 45 seconds

This resulted in a much better texture but immediately highlighted 2 problems – the blend was surprisingly warm from the friction and the lack of any frozen ingredients – note to self, add Ice if nothing is frozen, and what I can only assume is either a very stubborn, pithy orange or more likely the root ginger is adding something really stringy which is quite off putting.  The colour is just amazing, the beetroot taste isn’t at all dominating and gently earthy bitterness and the ginger gently creeps through in the background, but isn’t quite as intense as I’d like.  I’m thinking this could even take a pinch of chilli.  The consistency is excellent, much thicker than I’d expected but no spoons required here.  This is going to make a great winter warming smoothie

Next time –

  • Make sure at least some of the components are frozen, if not add ice
  • Maybe consider grating the ginger in advance if it’s not fresh
  • Try the rest of those oranges soon, just to make sure they’re not the problem
  • Double the ginger or add a little dried/fresh chilli

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