Chocolate & Chilli Extract

Some years ago I made my own Vanilla Extract – this has been really successful and a much better option than buying over-priced bottles in the supermarket.

I’ve applied a similar process to create a Chocolate & Chilli extract – a classic combination which is quite difficult to replicate in baking as the chilli heat of powders or fresh fruit is usually unknown.  This extract gives that degree of predictability and will add a great chocolate-chilli punch to cakes, sauces and creams on demand.  Use a few drops as required


  • 25g Cocoa Nibs
  • 8 Red medium-heat chills (Cayenne type)
  • 350ml good quality Vodka


  • Throw all of the ingredients into a sterilised jar and seal
  • Set aside for 3 months, shaking periodically
  • Filter the contents of the jar (I’ve used a coffee filter) straight into a sterilised bottle

As simple as that!


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