BONUS!!! Vertically Challenged Pastry

IMG_3540So this is a recipe that I did’t expect to post – it came about quite by accident as I was experimenting with my various laminated pasty doughs.  I was part way though about recipe 3 – Flaky Pastry, rubbing in the fat and adding in the water when I appreciated that the dough was coming together very quickly, needing very little water at all. It also seemed very ‘golden’ compared with the the previous doughs.  I glanced over to see that one corner of my weighing scales were resting on my palette knife and realised that I had no idea how much fat I’d put into this dough.  Experiment 3 was out of the window, but I was left with a half-mixed batch of dough that I did’t want to waste.

I weighed up the remaining fat and reckon I’d added about a 1:1 ratio of fat to flour.  That’s about as much as you would use in the richest of puff pastry.  This was going to give me a very crumbly, very, very short pastry –  A dwarf crust?  No, not politically correct.  Vertically challenged.

Feel free to create your own politically correct pastry – The best guess of my recipe is below, which I’ve used as a shortcrust replacement in my Cheese, Leek & Bacon Flan

Makes about 300g pastry – enough for a 20cm flan tin


  • 150g Plain Flour
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 75g Butter, diced small
  • 75g Lard, diced small
  • A little cold water


  • Sift the flour and salt into bowl and add in the cut fat
  • Rub in the fat with your fingertips until like breadcrumbs.  Given the amount of fat this does’t take very long
  • Bring together into a ball of soft dough by adding a little cold water, a teaspoon at a time
  • Wrap in clingfilm and chill until required


  • The high fat content means it’s prone to burning.  Where I was happy to cook all of my laminated pastry tarts at 210oC, I’m cooking this  at no more than 190oC
  • The high fat content makes it Very hard to roll out.  Once it’s been removed from the fridge leave it to warm up a little before rolling or else it will crack around the edges
  • As expected – it is VERY short.  It can’t hold much in terms of weight or height, so use in a suitable ‘shallow’ recipe

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