Jerk Pork

A perfect dish for a slow roasted shoulder of pork.  After several hours all of that fat has just melted away to leave the most succulent meat.  This ‘pulls’ really well and makes for a good family ‘help yourself’ Sunday dinner.  Any left-overs go great in sandwiches or salads, but combined with any left over sauce also make a terrific ‘alternative cottage pie’ topped with mashed potatoes.

The sauce is very sweet – not a gravy as such, and complements the spices.  It’s not a traditional Sunday roast Pork dish, great for a bit of variety and given the ‘slow cook’ can all be prepped well in advance so excellent for entertaining


  • 2 kg boned & rolled Pork Shoulder
  • 150g Dark Brown Sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp Jerk Seasoning
  • 3-4 tbsp Vegetable Oil
  • 4 large Onions
  • 1 tin Pineapple chunks in juice (only the juice is needed)
  • 300ml Chicken or Vegetable Stock
  • Extra boiling water
  • Seasoning to taste


  • In a roasting tray add the sugar and spice and mix roughly, then stir through the oil to make a thick paste
  • Put the meat on top of the paste and using your hands rub all of the marinate into the meat, covering well.  Leave the joint in the fridge to marinade overnight
  • Peal the onions & cut in half
  • Lift the meat out of the tray and cover the base in the onions to make a trivet.  Add the pineapple juice and the stock
  • Place the meat on the onion trivet and seal well with foil
  • Slowly roast in a cool pre-heated oven, 130oC fan, for 4-6 hours
  • Every hour remove the meat and baste in the juices, reseal and return to the oven
  • For the last hour leave the foil off to caramelise the meat
  • Once cooked, remove the meat from the tray and set aside.  If having ‘pulled pork’, after 15 minutes remove any rind/crackling and set about the meat with a pair of forks, ripping the joint into shreds
  • To make the sauce, take the meat juices and onions from the tray (there should be plenty if the tray was properly sealed!) and blitz with a hand blender.  If preferred, pour the liquor into a jug first, allow to stand and spoon off any surplus fat.
  • Dilute the sauce to a pourable consistency and adjust the seasoning

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