Dreaming of the Caribbean Sun

And so I start my much awaited holiday, a couple of weeks away from work with the family.  It’s day 1 and I’m dreaming of a relaxing break away from home, thinking about the Caribbean sunshine, warm golden beaches and a nice cool margarita.  Dreaming,  Dreaming….

In fact I’m sitting in the kitchen of an 18th century farmhouse in Derbyshire, looking out at the torrential rain pouring down over the Peak District, with a nice warm cup of tea and the Aga blasting away like its winter time

Of course big family events provide opportunities for celebrations and trying something a little different.  Having found an alternative source of good quality meat (unfortunately our local farm shop closed down after some fairly dubious business decisions which were never going to succeed, moving away from what it did really, really well – providing locally sourced fresh meat and veg, in an attempt to try and compete with the big supermarkets in terms of range and speciality products), and knowing we’ll have access to an Aga for our holiday it was time to bring the Caribbean to us.  On the menu for Sunday dinner…



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