A Man, A Plan, 3 Menus, Christmas

imagesYes, it’s that time of year again.  Last minute running around, preparing for the big day(s).  Again, we have a number of events going on over the Christmas period and it’s a time when my natural Project Management tendencies kick in to play.  Schedules, shopping lists and menus for the Christmas period are now in place. They’ve taken 2 weekends to develop.  A vegetarian christmas day, a traditional Turkey dinner with veggie options at the weekend plus a few extras over the course of the holiday period.

This year I’ve selected some old favourites as well as a few new ideas to try out.  New recipes will follow!


Christmas Day

  • Raised Vegetable and Barley Pie
  • Wild Mushroom Sauce
  • Mustard Mash
  • Buttered Cabbage with Pine nuts


All served with our favourite Prosecco and a bottle of Primitive D’Oro

Family Celebration

  • Winter Warming Aperitifs – a choice of ‘Earswick Donkey’ or ‘Cranberry Punch’



  • Wild Rice Stuffing


Lots of celebratory wine 🙂

Other things on the cards


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