Danish Ring – Danish Pastry Revisited

IMG_2470So after watching this weeks Great British Bake Off, I’ve taken some inspiration from Richard’s Swedish Tea Ring and applied it to my original Danish Pastry recipe.  I must admit, the results were very impressive, if not a little sticky – using fresh apple in the filling and then forming into a ring does;t really give the inevitably leakage anywhere to go!  Nonetheless, it looked impressive and tasted superb.  Only my late start prevented me from applying the orange icing glaze – they were still terrific without out but would be even better if I’d had the time.  Amends to the original recipe (what was probably  my first attempt at enriched dough a couple of years ago) – double the quantity, and use strong white flour.

Make sure you roll the dough out to about 50cm long in order to get enough for a good ring

Bring the ends of the ring together and partially cut to give 12 segments

Space the segments out and lay partially on their sides

Make sure you put something under the baking sheet to catch the drips!

A good fold and roll techniques will give you superb lamination on the pastry!

Allow to cook and glaze with the orange icing (optional!)

Tear and share, any time of the day!

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