Chilli Chocolate Ganache

IMG_2367Dark bitter chocolate and chilli are a classic combination.  Use this as a filling for cakes or biscuits, stir through a vanilla ice cream at the last minute to make a chilli chocolate ripple or even stir through your favourite Chilli Con Carne recipe!

A key to making smooth ganache is not to stir the chocolate very much at all.  Too much handling and the chocolate will turn a little grainy.  Another risk is overheating, which will cause the chocolate to seize.  This method avoids directly heating the chocolate so this shouldn’t be a problem

Which chilli should you use? The choice is yours.  The cream does neutralise some of the heat and the length of time you infuse the cream and chilli will also impact the intensity.  Personally I’m using a variety called ‘Numex Pinata’ (in fatc, it’s from Alex’s ‘pet’ Chilli plant called Manuel…), which is remarkably similar to a Jalapeño, with the same fleshy skin and fruity flavour, albeit a bit hotter.  You could use a fruity Habanero or stick with a basic cayenne type


  • 1 Chilli of your choice, chopped
  • 300g good quality Dark Chocolate, chopped small
  • 300ml Double Cream


  • In a small pan add the cream and chilli. Slowly bring up to the boil and gently infuse the cream with the chilli for as long as you wish/dare (a couple of minutes should be fine)
  • Place the chocolate in a pyrex bowl and strain the simmering cream through a sieve directly onto the chocolate. Stir once then leave for a minute or so
  • Stir again – the chocolate should melt in the heat of the cream.  If not, place the pyrex over a pan of boiling water and leave for another minute, taking care that the bowl does not touch the water
  • Stir again.  Use immediately or allow to cool slightly

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie33 says:

    I made it with a fresh chili de pardon from my garden! I smeared it on your tasty courgette cake & it is fabulous! X

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