Alex’s “Larkin” Jelly

IMG_1517Larkin is my pet Chilli!  I’ve grown him in my bedroom for the last 2 years, and he’s so big he now touches the ceiling.  He’s a Bishop’s Crown Chilli and has very pretty fruit which I like to eat whole (I really like chilli!), but Daddy says that Larkin has had his day, and we’re planning to bury him on the compost heap 😦

This year he’s given quite a good crop of fruit – he never gives a lot, the the quality is always very good, and the shape of the chillies is just like a Bishop’s hat.  They make really good salsa, but I’m going to use the last of the fruit to make a wonderful Chilli Jelly.

Daddy made a batch of Green Jalapeño jelly today, and had lots of the fresh apple/vinegar juice left over – I’ve used some here.  I’m especially proud of this recipe, as it set much better than Daddy’s Jalapeño jelly!

If you don’t have your own Larkin growing in your bedroom, you could use ordinary red Cayenne peppers.  This jelly is great with cream cheese, and I like to add a spoonful on top of my Chilli Con Carne – it melts right in!

Makes about 2 ltrs


  • 1.2 ltr Apple/Vinegar liquor
  • 900g White Sugar
  • 13 Bishop’s Crown  Chillies (you could use Cayenne type)


  • In a large pan melt the sugar into the apple liquid and bring to the boil
  • Remove the stalks from the chillies but retain the seeds if you want a hotter jelly
  • Chop the chillies up by hand into fine, even pieces – you could also use a food processor
  • Add the chillies into the pan and cook on a rolling boil for 15 minutes or so.  Stir occasionally to prevent from catching
  • Take the pan off the heat and leave to stand for 20-30 minutes.  It should start to skin over.  This is a good sign that it will set
  • Stir to distribute the chilli pieces and transfer into sterilised jam jars

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