Reservoir Dogs Cupcakes

ReservoirdogOK, so maybe cupcakes aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Quentin Tarantino’s multi-award winning cult jewellery heist turned bloodbath movie, but when I was thinking about a cupcake experiment, I felt I needed a theme.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be attempting to capture the essence of the 6 key protagonists in their very own cupcake recipe, each of which looks to take a basic recipe in a slightly different direction, demonstrating the diversity of todays most popular cake – one with a cult following of it’s own

WARNING – There are spoilers in the information below!  If you haven’t seen the film, do – it’s brilliant.  It’s not exactly entertainment for the whole family, and at the end of the day, lets just say it doesn’t end well.  If you want to avoid the carnage, why not dive straight into the kitchen & cook up the characters?  I’m sure QT would approve….

Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding the links to the table below…

The Protagonist The Character The Interpretation
Mr Orange Played by Tim Roth. Arguably the ‘good guy’ Mr Orange is the undercover cop. Over time he grows close to Mr White, and ultimately it’s his honour which gets him killed A plain old orange cupcake? Not quite, this one has hidden depths. It’s a carrot and walnut cupcake with mascapone frosting
Mr White Played by Harvey Keitel. The father figure of the group who believes in Mr Orange. He has principles and skill, but also a firey temper… More of a retro spin here – lemon cupcakes with an italian meringe topping. Blow-torched, of course…
Mr Pink Played by Steve Buscemi. Unhappy with his ‘pink’ label, He’s really the smart guy in the group. Self centred, he knows what’s good for him. At the end of the day, Mr Pink’s the only winner here A Dark Chocolate & Beetroot cupcake with beetroot meringue buttercream icing. One of your 5 a day – Have your cake and eat it!
Mr Blonde Played by Michael Madsen. Lets face it, Mr Blonde is a real psycho. Apparently the most ‘normal’ of the bunch, if it wasn’t for he’s need to get his gun off, the whole heist would probably have been a success. Deriving pleasure from probably the most famous torture scene in movie history, Mr Blonde isn’t your usual cupcake Courgette and Smoked Bacon cupcake with Maple syrup. Normal from the outside, until you take that first bite
Mr Blue Played By Edward Bunker. A bit of an enigma, Mr Blue only appears in 2 scenes, doesn’t really speak and dies very early on in the proceedings, so we have little opportunity to learn much about him. In some ways this is good thing – I can justify just about anything I like! White Chocolate & Blueberries of course. A chance for something a little more traditional
Mr Brown Played by Quentin Tarantino. Another charchter we know little about, as he’s shot early in in true Tarantino stlye in the back of the head. However, I think we can take something from QT’s apparently psycotic persona to help out here! Chocolate & Chilli, with a dark chocolate ganache. Both firey and decadent

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