White Sourdough Bread – Take 2

A week later, more research and another attempt at a basic Sourdough recipe.  This time I’ve used the lower limit of water indicated by my initial recipe – this gives me 60% hydration, compared with the 70% of last week’s recipe.  This gave a much more workable dough.  I also ignored the timings for the rise and proving – the dough rose much faster than these timings led me to believe, so as well as the hydration issues with the first experiment, it was also over proved.  The big difference from a flavour perspective was that the shorter proving led to a milder flavour.  The sourness was still there, but much less pronounced.

This made a really good loaf – excellent for toast.  A recipe I’ll be using as a base for the future.  The only criticism was that it was a little too moist inside, I suspect that it could have managed another 10 minutes in the oven.  Next time, 40 minute bake…

Makes 1 loaf


  • 250g  Sourdough Starter
  • 375g Strong White Flour
  • 7g Salt
  • 175ml Water
  • A little olive oil
  • Flour for dusting


  • In a jug, mix the water and starter.  Stir well
  • In a bowl, add the flour and salt before adding in most of the liquid
  • Bring together to form a soft dough
  • Oil a work surface and turn the dough out on to this.  Knead for 10 minutes to develop the gluten
  • Return the kneaded dough to a lightly oiled bowl and cover in cling film
  • Leave to rise & double in size – this will take around 3 hours.  The dough should be somewhere out of a draft
  • Tip the risen dough onto a lightly floured surface.  Knock back until smooth by repeatedly folding the dough for a couple of minutes.  Shape into a neat ball, and place on a line baking tray
  • Cover the dough with the bowl and set aside to prove until doubled in size – this will take around 5 hours
  • Pre-heat an oven to 190oC Fan. Remove the bowl from the top of the dough and reshape into a tight cob
  • Bake for about 30 minutes, until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped on the base
  • Cool on a wire rack before cutting

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