James’s Seasoning

I’ve been experimenting with a spice mix I could use for the likes of Southern Fried Chicken for years. The commercial ones are all very well, but tend to be full of the usual additives & flavour enhancers which I’m keen to avoid. The best by far has been Joe’s Stuff, a terrific Cajun spice blend from the New Orleans School of Cooking. I’ve enjoyed my personal stash of this for much longer than it’s shelf life (popping back to New Orleans for a spot of shopping is high on my list of things to do, but I think it may be some time before this actually happens – If you happen to be passing between New Orleans & York, feel free to drop a bottle in, I’d be very grateful 🙂

At last, I think I’ve cracked it for myself. A nicely spiced blend which enhances the flavours through natural ingredients. This recipes makes use of both Onion and Garlic which I’ve dehydrated at home for long term storage. Dried Onion salt & Garlic powder can be used as an alternative


4 parts Dried Mixed Herbs
1 part Hot Chilli Powder
1 part Black Pepper, ground
2 parts Salt
6 parts Paprika (smoked/Spanish)
1 part Dried Onion, ground
1 part dried Garlic, Ground

Mix all spices together and use as required.
For coating chicken etc, mix with breadcrumbs or use to season flour rather than applying directly

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