Beetroot Gnocchi

An interesting twist on the traditional Italian potato dumpling.  Adding beetroot not only provides a great colour, but brings with it that wonderful earthy sweetness.  Serve with a simple sauce, or look to float in light vegetable soups or stews.  As an alternative, how about trying this with pumpkin or butternut squash instead of beetroot for great orange gnocchi!


  • 500g floury Potatoes
  • 1 medium Beetroot, cooked & chopped
  • 1 Egg
  • 250g Pasta Flour
  • Salt
  • 25g Butter


  • Microwave the potatoes with their skins on, until cooked
  • In a food processor or with a hand blender, puree the beetroot with the egg
  • Skin the cooked potatoes and pass through a ricer to achieve a really smooth, dry mash
  • Season with salt & pepper and stir in the beetroot puree
  • Mix well, then stir in the flour.  Work well with a fork or your hands to give a really stiff dough.  Add extra flour if the dough isn’t stiff enough to be rolled without crumbling
  • Take a handful of dough and roll out on a floured board into a long sausage shape, about 2cm thick
  • Cut into 3cm lengths & set aside
  • Repeat with remaining mixture
  • Push your thumb into the side of each gnocchi to make a small dent (this allows the sauce to collect)
  • At this point, you can put any excess on to a tray and freeze
  • Bring a pan of salted water up to the boil, and drop in the gnocchi, a dozen or so at a time
  • After a minute or two, they will start to float to the surface.  At this point they are cooked and should be removed immediately and set aside.  Repeat until all of the gnocchi are cooked
  • Before serving, melt the butter in a frying pan.  Add the gnocchi and fry gently for a couple of minutes in the melted butter until golden brown.  This will both reheat them and add another level of richness
  • Serve with the sauce of your choice


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