Limoncello, with a twist! Arancello and Limettacello

Limettacello & Arancello - zest added & ready to mature
Limettacello & Arancello – zest added & ready to mature

I hope you tried my Limoncello recipe over the summer – it’s sooo simple, takes only a few weeks to turn around (unlike the months that many of my liqueur recipes take) and is absolutely wonderful!  What’s more, it’s a digestif, so must be good for you (I know, that’s really hard to believe when it’s main components are sugar & vodka…)

Anyway, the day was fast approaching when my first batch would be fully consumed.  It really has been a success, and keeping a bottle constantly in the freezer makes for an easily accessible and unusual after dinner drink.  Now I’m turning my mind to ‘Phase 2’ , the sequel, Limoncello – the Next Generation.  I’m really happy that my method, albeit somewhat unconventional really does work, and makes up for the lack of access to grain alcohol and am keen to extend it to Limoncello alternatives.  Arancello is an equivalent digestif made with oranges.  Limettacello (sorry – I think I’ve made that name up!) is made with limes (so could be Limecello I suppose…)

The original recipe still stands, the only difference if the fruit!


  • grated zest of 5 Lemons (unwaxed) – no white pith!  OR
  • grated zest of 6 Oranges, washed – no white pith!  OR
  • grated zest of 8 Limes, washed – no white pith!
    Bottled Limoncello, ready for the freezer!
  • 1 litre Vodka (37.5° ABV, e.g., Smirnoff Red Label)
  • 430g Sugar


  • Into a Kilner jar, add all of the ingredients and shake well
  • Store in a dark place for a month
  • For the first week shake daily to dissolve the sugar.  Then shake twice a week
  • After 1 month, filter off the zest through a muslin, sieve or coffee filter
  • Bottle up into sterilized bottles and store in the freezer
  • The Limoncello/Arancello/Limettacello is ready for drinking immediately, straight from the freezer!

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