Christmas Pudding Chocolate Truffles

A great way to use up left over Christmas pudding, or as I did, a great way to do something different with a

Christmas Pudding Chocolate Truffles
Christmas Pudding Chocolate Truffles

Christmas pudding in the first place!  If you use a whole pudding, these will last for days (or longer if you have the will power), but you’ll actually want to eat them!


  • 200g Good quality Dark Chocolate (I LOVE Green & Blacks!)
  • 200 ml Double Cream
  • 200g Christmas Pudding (cooked)
  • 2 tbsp Rum, or other spirit (optional)
  • Icing Sugar or Cocoa Powder to coat


  • Melt the chocolate in a pan with the cream and stir until thickened
  • Remove from the heat and crumble in the Christmas Pudding.  Stir well, but try to keep some lumps
  • If you have small silicon molds, spoon in at this stage.  Alternatively, you’ll need to mold into balls by hand, so set aside until the mixture is cool enough to handle
  • Take a teaspoon sized lump and mold into a ball in your hands.  Set aside on a plate and repeat until the mixture is used up
  • Transfer the molded chocolate to the fridge to chill for a couple of hours
  • If using silicon molds, turn the truffles out on to a plate
  • Dust with icing sugar or cocoa powder and serve

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