Red Currant Vodka – Revisited

Redcuraant Liqueur, bottledThe original Redcurrant liqueur was disappointing – it was sickly sweet and the flavour of the currants just didn’t come through.  However, it was a great colour and as I have a surplus of red currants every year, I wanted to give it another go.

This time I wanted to concentrate up the flavour, and took 2 bags (about 800g) of red currants out of the freezer and cooked down to a thick puree of about 700 ml.

After this had allowed to cool, I placed this in a Kilner jar and topped with 70cl bottle of vodka and left for 3 months. It looked terrible, like a jar of pale pink fluff, and I was convinced that I could never get it to clear.  However, after allowing to filter through a single layer of muslin, again we had the rich bright red colour but with surprising crystal clarity.  On tasting, the currant flavour packed a real punch.  Hurrah!

There is a slight bitter astringency, however I’m hoping to dial this our now that I need to sweeten up the mixture.  Instead of using a stock syrup, I’m adding sugar directly to the final bottles, which should give me an added level of control:-

200ml bottle – add 30g Sugar (equiv 150g/litre)

500ml bottle – add 50g Sugar (equiv 100g/litre)

Roll on Christmas for the next taste test…


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