Elderberry Gin – Revisited

Elderberry Gin, bottled to matureNot long ago I detailed my experimental plan to create a batch of Elderberry Gin.  After 5 weeks, the spirit has taken on the colour of an amazing Australian Shiraz, with the distinct elderberry aroma.

The berries were strained through layers of muslin and disposed of (the berries that is, not the muslin, however it’s now the most intense purple imaginable, I think it’s life may too be limited), and the remaining liqueur (over 800 ml) bottled up into 200 ml bottles.

1 Tbsp of sugar was added into one of the bottles – the general opinion was that the mixture needed some additional sweetening.  The liquor was pleasant enough, leaving a very slight astringency.  It’s now been left for another month to mature, when the sweetness will be checked again.  If the astringency remains, I’ll be looking for a suitable mixer to complement this, but on the whole I’m very impressed.  Definitely worth a go for the amazing colour…

Like the bottles?  Check out the Italian range at my favourite suppliers!


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  1. Seahare says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m going to make up a batch soon using frozen berries. Wondering your opinion on the need to microwave since thawing releases a lot of the juice?

    1. No! Please don’t microwave – you can use the fruit straight from frozen if they’ve not all stuck together, or defrost naturally. The juice is what you’re after and freezing helps to split the skins. It’s a good technique to freeze fruit with tougher skins such as sloes to get the best out of them but heating them up will change the flavours

  2. Seahare says:

    Thanks. I suspected microwaving was overkill 🙂

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