I’ve had this in mind for some time, but not got around to experimenting.  I did brew up a batch of Lemon Gin at the end of last year, and that’s busy maturing in the boot of the car, but won’t be ready before the end of 2012 so I was keen to try something with a slightly faster turnaround.

One of the issues with ‘real’ Limoncello is the need for pure grain alcohol – something which you just can’t legitimately get your hand on in the UK.  Based on my research, I’ve come up with a recipe based on an Italian original, tweaked to  take account of this problem.  The original recipe used pure grain alcohol which was eventually diluted with a sugar syrup after the brew had a chance to mature.  I’m using a slightly different approach which should hopefully achieve a similar outcome & alcohol content.  Only time will tell…


  • grated zest of 5 Lemons (unwaxed) – no white pith!

    Bottled Limoncello, ready for the freezer!
  • 1 litre Vodka (37.5° ABV, e.g., Smirnoff Red Label)
  • 430g Sugar


  • Into a Kilner jar, add all of the ingredients and shake well
  • Store in a dark place for a month
  • For the first week shake daily to dissolve the sugar.  Then shake twice a week
  • After 1 month, filter off the lemon zest through a muslin, sieve or coffee filter
  • Bottle up into sterilized bottles and store in the freezer
  • The Limoncello is ready for drinking immediately, straight from the freezer!

Additional Comments

How easy is that?  Surely it must be worth a try!


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