I enjoy the odd bottle of wine as much as the next man, and liked to keep a reasonable selection available to pick and choose something suitable to go with my meals. Then one day I actually read one of those fliers that came through the door instead of chucking it straight in the bin.
The flier was for Laithwaites Wines – I’d seen them before, but the introductory offer was great. A cheap case for my first order, and cases from a similar price I was already paying at the supermarket. No obligation to continue. Even if I didn’t order any more than one case, I just couldn’t lose out.

But I have to say, after my introduction to Laithwaites, I had no intention of stopping there. With their superb customer service and regular range of offers, I could pick up an ongoing supply of excellent quality wine and still feel good about having to buy a dozen bottles at a time. I get occasional calls from Joe wanting to know how I’m getting on and pointing me in the direction of the latest wines that suite my palette (yes, I know he’s just after his commission on the cross-sale, but the service really is excellent, nonetheless)

I really can’t recommend these guys enough – if you are interested, please let me know. I’ll send in a recommendation and you’ll get a special introductory offer. What’s more, I get a couple of bottles for referring you. It’s only fair – I’ve got new boozy recipes to come up with, after all.

Check out Laithwaites website for more details, or drop me a note!


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