In most of my recipes, you’ll see I use chilli powder rather than fresh chillies. The only reason for this is for consistency – you can’t believe how disappointing a spicy meal can be if it’s either so hot you can’t taste it, or so mild that it has no effect. I’ve been caught out on more than one occassion, and generally the only fresh chillies I use, I grow myself.

Find a source of good quality Chilli powder – I’ve been using the ‘Hot Chilli Powder’ from Tescos, and believe that it’s excellent – some of the best I’ve come across.

For an added kick, I like to use chilli flakes. I find that these are particularly good in Malaysian/Asian dishes.

To add a bit of chilli ‘boost’ to a dish towards the end of cooking, throw in a splash of McIlhenny’s Tabasco sauce

Whilst on teh subject, McIlhenny’s make the most magnificent Chipotle sauce – this really is the flavour of the ‘deep south’, and brings back some great memories of a holiday in New Orleans a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to obtain in the UK even via the internet. Anyone know a good supply, or should I arrange for another holiday in the states?


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